Empowering the poor to
lift themselves up

The big solution to global poverty is smaller than you think, but it requires a new philanthropic strategy to change the way we see ourselves and those we hope to help. Join us as we help our Atlas Network partners around the globe break down the barriers to alleviate poverty.

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The easier it is for the poor to exercise their economic rights,
the less likely you are to find poverty in that country.

$143 Billion
development aid worldwide
in 2016, a new peak

This would be encouraging news if development aid helped achieve lasting economic change. Unfortunately, a growing number of high-profile economic development experts now warn that the current aid model for alleviating global poverty does more harm than good.

Every five percent increase in a country's score on the World Bank’s Doing Business index translates to a one percentage point reduction in poverty.

Atlas Network
local solutions
to poverty

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You have the power to make a big difference as our more than 475 local, independent partners work to restore economic rights in over 90 countries around the world. With your help, we can permanently combat the root causes of poverty.

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In many countries, the productivity of enterprise and entrepreneurship is limited by bad economic policies. We believe civil society organizations can be catalysts for policy reforms that leverage locally grown solutions to poverty alleviation.

That is why we are offering financial support to civil society organizations with ambitious but achievable plans to improve the public policy and regulatory environment in their countries.

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Atlas Network- supported Research Links Ease of Doing Business Reforms and Poverty Alleviation

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