January 4, 2016

Markets and civil society are buried under a mountain of regulation, and politicians have no incentive to slow the deluge. So many activities, both beneficial and benign, have become subject to legal penalty that anybody could be punished for violating some statute or another. How can people extricate themselves from this web of regulation? One potential solution is to engage in widespread civil disobedience, argued renowned scholar Charles Murray, Atlas Network’s Templeton Leadership Fellow, during his keynote address at the 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner.

“The federal government only gets away with it because there’s no pushback,” Murray said during his speech. Overcoming the regulatory state requires people to resist government encroachments, and if enough people do so, bureaucratic enforcers won’t be able to keep up with prosecuting all the people who refuse to comply. People could achieve a de facto free and prosperous society by simply withholding their consent and compliance with intrusive regulatory dictates.

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