The Atlas Leadership Academy (ALA) provides a robust series of credit-based training opportunities that allow you to sharpen your skills in management, communications and fundraising while building your free market organization. Our flexible course catalog allows you to practice what you’re learning as you learn it, with opportunities ranging from online courses and in-person workshops to one-on-one mentoring relationships.

You’re in the business of changing the world, and we’re here to help. By connecting you with mentors, best practices, strategies and tools, our experienced team is ready to assist you in reaching your goals – whether they be beginning a new project, preparing for a leadership transition, or taking your think tank from idea to reality.

Course Catalog
Network Member / Enrollment 1
Webinars 1
Freedom Schools 1
The Atlas Challenge 2
Regional Trainings 2
Think Tank Navigator 3
Think Tank Leadership Training 3
Think Tank MBA 5
Mentorship 3


The Atlas Leadership Academy is a central facet of the Atlas Network mission; partners, grantees and award winners are encouraged to take full advantage of these resources.

Individuals earning 12 credits are recognized as an Atlas Leadership Alumnus. Alumni are awarded special opportunities, such as access to a community of leaders, stakeholders and benefactors, in addition to eligibility to compete in the annual Think Tank Shark Tank competition and win a $25,000 project grant.

“Drafting a business plan made me realize how valuable a document it would be for our organization. I didn't really think of us as "missing" anything, but I think that this will be a big help. I'm drafting a business plan to present to our Board of Directors.”
—Janet Nielson, Institute for Liberal Studies