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1390x350 Fundraising C

The Fundraising certifications are designed to help you create a plan to continue scaling up the important work your organization is doing to promote individual freedom and remove barriers to human flourishing.

Fundraising Fundamentals 800 x 400 px 2

Fundraising Fundamentals

Date: Coming Soon in 2022!
Location: Online

This is a fully-automated two-hour course that will introduce you to the key components of fundraising, and how think tanks in our network can best structure their fundraising strategy to advance their mission and grow their organization. Each lesson consists of readings, presentations, and videos.

Fundraising Theory and Practice 800 x 400 px

Fundraising Theory & Practice

Date: Coming Soon in 2022!
Location: Online

Fundraising Theory & Practice is designed to help you advance your knowledge and skills in identifying prospects for fundraising and constructing a purposeful plan for a donor pipeline. This course will build on the foundations you learned in Fundraising Fundamentals.

Fundraising 360 800 x 400 px 2

Fundraising 360

Date: Coming Soon in 2022!
Location: In Person

Fundraising 360 is a new in-person program that will be released in 2022. During this program you will develop a fundraising framework plan for your organization. This will include determining your fundraising goal for a year, setting priorities for the upcoming year, building a donor calendar framework, developing your pitch (and practicing it with fundraising experts) and getting feedback from fundraising experts.