1390x350 Marketing and Communications B
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In the battle of ideas, having an effective marketing and communications strategy that allows you to reach new audiences is half the fight. Before you can get into the day-to-day, tactical execution, you need a firm foundation - and that comes from having a communications strategy rooted in your organization’s mission and vision. The Marketing and Communications certifications are designed to help you better communicate the important work your organization is doing to promote individual freedom and remove barriers to human flourishing.

Mar Com Fundamentals 800 x 400 px

Marketing & Communications Fundamentals

Date: On Demand
Location: Online

MarCom Fundamentals is a fully-automated, two-hour course that introduces you to the key components of marketing and communication, and how think tanks in our network can utilize MarCom to advance their mission, and reach their target audience in a more impactful way. Each lesson consists of readings, presentations, and videos.

Mar Com Theory and Practice 800 x 400 px

Marketing & Communications Theory & Practice

Date: On Demand
Location: Online

MarCom Theory & Practice is a three-week instructor-led online program. This course will advance your knowledge and skills in articulating and analyzing the key elements of a powerful marketing and communications strategy for any organizational initiative. You will identify your target audiences, as well as, practice assessing strategic and tactical plans to ensure alignment with your think tank’s foundational principles, vision, and mission.

Mar Com 360 800 x 400 px

Marketing & Communications 360

Date: May 23-24, 2023
Location: Prague, Czechia

MarCom 360 is a new in-person program from Atlas Network Academy! In this course, you will formulate a Marketing and Communications strategic plan for your project, that will include an implementation plan and the metrics to measure success. This program will be offered a few times throughout the year. The Atlas Network Academy team will invite all eligible applicants who have completed Marketing & Communications Fundamentals & Marketing & Communications Theory & Practice.