Matthew Tyrmand currently serves as Deputy Director of American Transparency/ He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and after surviving the city's public school system he attended the University of Chicago. After graduating in 2003 he spent almost 10 years working on Wall Street as a hedge fund portfolio manager where he analyzed and traded healthcare and telecommunications stocks. After the 2008/2009 financial meltdown the financial markets became a far less gratifying place in which to be involved. In 2011 he left Wall Street and started his own consulting firm to help small and medium sized enterprises grow their businesses and in 2013 he joined a new 501c3 called American Transparency with the mission of putting all government spending online in one repository called Since he joined founder and executive director Adam Andrzejewski in helping grow this entity, his roles have encompassed public relations, strategy, litigation analysis, development, fundraising, coalition building and many other ad hoc responsibilities. Matthew obtained Polish citizenship in 2011 and is active in Polish civil debate. His criticism of the corruption in Polish government has gotten much national press and he writes a column for the #2 Polish daily; Superexpress.