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As our partners and friends around the world cope with the evolving health and safety challenges related to the spread of COVID-19, Atlas Network's core values of freedom, prosperity, and peace are more necessary than ever. For the latest information of how our 2020 conferences and educational programming will be affected, please click here.



Celebrating the translation of “Poverty & Freedom” into five languages

"Poverty & Freedom," edited by Atlas Network President Matt Warner, has been translated into French, Greek, Hindu, Spanish, and Ukrainian—an exciting step in empowering local leaders to employ local solutions to solve problems in their communities. The book offers first-hand examples of the positive impact pro-market think tanks...


The Pandemic Could Be the Crisis Liberalism Needed

The world may be reaching a dangerous inflection point for liberalism. According to the latest reports from Freedom House, over the last 15 years the share of unfree countries in the world has risen while the share of free countries has dropped. Today, government deficits are spiking in response to the public’s demand for interv...


Centre for Policy Studies’ fights to cut tax threshold in UK

Britons will have more money in their pockets as the result of a new government policy to increase the National Insurance threshold. The United Kingdom’s Conservative Party is implementing a policy recommendation put forward by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), an Atlas Network partner based in London, that will make it easie...


OminiraTV Lays the Groundwork for Liberal Reforms in Nigeria and Ghana

The Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement has successfully launched its OminiraTV project with the goal of educating and empowering people to share solutions to economic problems across Nigeria and Ghana. This project focuses on providing the African people with a platform to learn about new ideas through research and advo...


Telling the Inspiring Story of Poverty to Prosperity in Tennessee

The Beacon Center of Tennessee—an Atlas Network partner based in Nashville—is driving a storytelling campaign, Poverty to Prosperity, to reduce generational webs of poverty throughout the state. The campaign highlights the true grit and perseverance it takes for people to disentangle themselves from welfare programs and move to...


A green market revolution?

The environmental debate has been dominated by big-government, top-down solutions for decades, often painting capitalism as the culprit responsible for the destruction of the planet’s environment. Modern environmental proposals, such as the Green New Deal, have become more costly, ineffective, and would impose draconian restrict...


Ep 201. How did Tom Palmer fall in love with liberty?

Dr. Tom Palmer, George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty; Executive Vice President for International Programs at Atlas Network, offers a glimpse into his incredible life story—how he discovered classical liberal principles, how he has spent his career advocating economic liberty around the world, and why he believes these id...


Ep 11. Advancing economic liberty in India—Bhakti Patil

Bhakti Patil, associate director of development for Centre for a Civil Society (CCS) in India describes the ways over-regulation can lead to corruption and how this impacts one of the largest economic forces in New Delhi, street vendors. Melissa and Bhakti also discuss the stories in Atlas Network's Poverty & Freedom series that...


Exclusive online money and banking course offer for Atlas Network partners

The Institute of International Monetary Research (IIMR) has successfully launched Money and Banking: and how they affect the overall economy, a four-week online training program that is accredited as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the United Kingdom. The program includes online lectures, readings, and supporting vi...


Cheetahs on the Move! Day One of Africa Liberty Forum 2020

Day One of Atlas Network’s 2020 African Liberty Forum was filled with history, new success stories, and great ideas about the ways in which economic liberty can transform the lives of billions of people. More than 210 participants joined via Zoom to discuss how they are responding to the challenges created by COVID-19 with thoug...