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As our partners and friends around the world cope with the evolving health and safety challenges related to the spread of COVID-19, Atlas Network's core values of freedom, prosperity, and peace are more necessary than ever. For the latest information of how our 2020 conferences and educational programming will be affected, please click here.



Big Brother Watch combats anti-free speech legislation

Big Brother Watch, an Atlas Network partner in the United Kingdom, has successfully worked with a coalition of allies to alter pending legislation that sought to censure online speech. The Online Harms White Paper mandated that tech companies remove “harmful” content from their platforms—a vague policy that not only infringes on...


Johan Norberg’s “Progress” Translated into German

The Prometheus Institut, an Atlas Network partner in Germany, recently translated Johan Norberg’s "Progress"; Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future into their native language. Fortschritt: Ein Motivationsbuch für Weltverbesserer counters the narrative that “things are constantly getting worse,” and highlights the positive st...


IDEAS Labs wins 2020 Latin America Liberty Award

Costa Rican think tank IDEAS Labs has won the 2020 Latin America Liberty Award for their #TicosConCorona” initiative, which has successfully slashed luxury pensions in the Central American nation. Luis Loria, founding president of IDEAS Labs, accepted the award during Latin America Liberty Forum on May 28.


Gearing up for a post-COVID world: Day 2 of Europe Liberty Forum Online!

On the second day of Atlas Network’s 2020 Europe Liberty Forum Online, a full complement of speakers looked to the post-pandemic challenges of nationalism, growing government control, and building an audience of liberty champions who can attract new interest in prosperity and freedom. The four panels were capped by a keynote pre...


Fundalib wins 2020 Europe Liberty Award

The Spanish think tank Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad (Fundalib) has won the 2020 Europe Liberty Award for Índice de Libertad Económica de las Ciudades Españolas (Index on the Economic Freedom of Spain’s Cities), which examines municipal data that impacts the economic freedom of cities throughout Spain and makes recomme...


2020 Europe Liberty Forum: Day 1 Recap!

The diversity of Europe’s experience during COVID-19 set the agenda for discussions at the 2020 Europe Liberty Forum Online, as questions of authoritarian government, freedom of the press, and public health have created new context for action. More than 125 advocates of liberty signed on to Atlas Network’s Zoom platform to share...


Spanish-Language Online Courses with Instituto Acton

Instituto Acton, an Atlas Network partner based in Argentina, is offering a range of online courses to provide a Spanish-speaking audience with online lectures, conferences, and courses that focus on the connections between liberty, philosophy, and religion.


Audace Institut Afrique Makes Strides in Land Ownership Program

Back in 2019, Atlas Network partner Audace Institut Afrique (AIA), of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast​), won the 2019 Africa Liberty Award for their work to strengthen property rights in their country through the project “Liberating Rural Land’s Potential In Côte d’Ivoire,” which created village maps using advanced GPS to es...


Creating an Online Event in a Time of Crisis

Conferences are great opportunities to engage with people who share an interest in our professional world. We think about the same challenges, talk about ways to solve them, and find a community of people who are raising the game for all of us to succeed. But everything has ground to a halt because of the global need to isolate....


Libre Afrique Seeks to Make Liberty Mainstream in West Africa

Amidst a climate of uncertainty and rapid change, one group in West Africa is seeking to connect young people over the principles of liberty. Libre Afrique, an Atlas Network partner, is bringing together groups throughout Francophone West Africa and providing them with the materials needed to make them leaders of liberty in thei...


Islam & Liberty Network wins Atlas Network’s 2020 Asia Liberty Award

Malaysia-based Islam and Liberty Network has won the 2020 Asia Liberty Award for their faith-based Muslim Case for a Free Society project. The $7,000 prize is awarded annually and is part of Atlas Network's suite of Regional Liberty Awards. Two other finalists—Advocata Institute and their "Don't Tax My Period Project", and Centr...