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As our partners and friends around the world cope with the evolving health and safety challenges related to the spread of COVID-19, Atlas Network's core values of freedom, prosperity, and peace are more necessary than ever. For the latest information of how our 2020 conferences and educational programming will be affected, please click here.



Exclusive online money and banking course offer for Atlas Network partners

The Institute of International Monetary Research (IIMR) has successfully launched Money and Banking: and how they affect the overall economy, a four-week online training program that is accredited as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the United Kingdom. The program includes online lectures, readings, and supporting vi...


Cheetahs on the Move! Day One of Africa Liberty Forum 2020

Day One of Atlas Network’s 2020 African Liberty Forum was filled with history, new success stories, and great ideas about the ways in which economic liberty can transform the lives of billions of people. More than 210 participants joined via Zoom to discuss how they are responding to the challenges created by COVID-19 with thoug...


Sutherland Institute helps reign in the cost of healthcare

Sutherland Institute, an Atlas Network partner, has been working to expose and address an inefficient and non-transparent healthcare system in their home state of Utah. Their efforts have contributed to the passage of four state legislative bills dealing with prescription drugs and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in 2020.


Nkafu Policy Institute is turning the tide towards liberalism in Cameroon

Nkafu Policy Institute, an Atlas Network partner, is making the ideas of economic freedom mainstream in their home country of Cameroon. Nkafu ran a multifaceted campaign to highlight the benefits of a free and open society through a series of policy debates, the production of a four-part documentary series, and a national essay...


Liberty Camp 2020 Brings International Students of Freedom to Uganda

The Ugandan organization Action for Liberty and Economic Development (ALED) recently hosted an intense four-day event that examined freedom in Africa. The event—called Liberty Camp 2020—brought together 78 participants from nine universities in East Africa to share their perspectives on freedom and prosperity while debating topi...


Ron Manners to receive the 2020 Sir Antony Fisher Achievement Award

Australian businessman and free-market advocate Ron Manners, who was recently honored by Queen Elizabeth II as an Officer of the Order of Australia for his services to the mining industry and to young people via his extensive philanthropic contributions to education, will be the second recipient of Atlas Network’s annual Sir Ant...


Finalists for 2020 Africa Liberty Award Announced

Atlas Network’s Africa Liberty Award celebrates think tanks throughout the region whose work most successfully encourages prosperity and human flourishing. The finalists for the 2020 Africa Liberty Award are: South African Institute of Race Relations in South Africa, Students’ Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship in Sou...


PortNet Makes Trade Easier in Morocco

The Arab Center for Research, a Morocco-based Atlas Network partner, is successfully creating digital solutions that are improving business services for local port communities engaged in international trade.


Arab Center for Research Shares the Ideas of Liberty with Arabic speakers

The acquisition of knowledge and intellectual growth is a central part of Islamic culture, and now the Arab Center for Research, an Atlas Network partner based in Morocco, is helping readers in the Middle East and North Africa understand the ideas of freedom. New translations of Selfishness, Greed, and Capitalism; Debunking Myth...


Taking on corporate subsidies in Michigan—and winning

“Good Jobs for Michigan” was a state corporate subsidy program that cost taxpayers an estimated $40,000 for every job it claimed to have created. The program was limited in size and scheduled to sunset in 2019, but business and political leaders pushed legislation to expand the costly program and extend it indefinitely.


Big Brother Watch combats anti-free speech legislation

Big Brother Watch, an Atlas Network partner in the United Kingdom, has successfully worked with a coalition of allies to alter pending legislation that sought to censure online speech. The Online Harms White Paper mandated that tech companies remove “harmful” content from their platforms—a vague policy that not only infringes on...


Johan Norberg’s “Progress” Translated into German

The Prometheus Institut, an Atlas Network partner in Germany, recently translated Johan Norberg’s "Progress"; Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future into their native language. Fortschritt: Ein Motivationsbuch für Weltverbesserer counters the narrative that “things are constantly getting worse,” and highlights the positive st...


IDEAS Labs wins 2020 Latin America Liberty Award

Costa Rican think tank IDEAS Labs has won the 2020 Latin America Liberty Award for their #TicosConCorona” initiative, which has successfully slashed luxury pensions in the Central American nation. Luis Loria, founding president of IDEAS Labs, accepted the award during Latin America Liberty Forum on May 28.