Smart Bets

April 30 2024

Welcome to Atlas Network's Smart Bets Program, an exclusive and comprehensive initiative designed for partner organizations that have demonstrated exceptional effectiveness in advancing the cause of freedom.

Our program selects up to 10 promising partners each year, providing them with financial support, recognition, exposure, and invaluable resources to propel their efforts forward. Just like in baseball, where calling the shots can lead to championship wins, Smart Bets is about confidently backing winners in the freedom movement.

Past Smart Bets, such as the Human Rights Foundation, CDE Great Lakes, and Lithuanian Free Market Institute, have demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach, achieving remarkable results within the movement.

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Smart Bets Offers:

  • Financial Support

    Financial Support

    Participants receive $25,000 in unrestricted funding support, offering flexibility in funding allocation, plus a chance to win an additional $10,000–$75,000 in matching grants, prizes, and awards.

  • Recognition and Exposure

    Recognition and Exposure

    Participants have the chance to showcase their work at a high-level Virtual Pitch Competition, gaining visibility and recognition within the network, including donors and partners, thus attracting new opportunities and partnerships.

  • Cohort Membership

    Cohort Membership

    Participants join an exclusive global cohort of high achievers, fostering networking, collaboration, and strategic partnerships within the movement.

  • Consultations and Mentorship

    Consultations and Mentorship

    Participants receive expert guidance and mentorship from non-profit experts at Atlas Network, accelerating their learning curve and increasing their chances of success.

  • Priority Training Opportunities

    Priority Training Opportunities

     Participants receive priority consideration for engagement opportunities, ensuring continuous enhancement of skills, knowledge, and capabilities.


The selection process for Smart Bets is rigorous and by invitation only. However, organizations that believe they would be a good fit for consideration can submit a letter of interest for review. The program aims to bring together both established stars and rising stars in a collaborative and competitive global cohort, fostering an aspirational dynamic within the peer network.

Successful Applicants:

  • Are high-achieving and/or up-and-coming organizations that have generated strong results with Atlas Network grants;
  • Have demonstrated that they can identify strategic and scalable opportunities for action; are committed to professionalism, transparency, and rigorous quality standards; and are able to self-reflect on areas of needed improvement; and
  • Have participated meaningfully in Atlas Network Academy programming or supported the meaningful participation of 
their staff
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Your organization is on the cusp of something great. Let Smart Bets be the accelerator that propels you toward success. Reach out now to learn more.

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