The People That Power Our Mission

Our Staff

These are people who believe in change for the better. They believe in equality and prosperity. These are the people, along with you, who empower a global community with individual liberty and enterprise for all.

Brad lips 19

Brad Lips

Chief Executive Officer

Matt warner 41

Matt Warner


Dr lyall swim 36 36

Lyall Swim

Chief Operating Officer

Dr tom g palmer 26

Tom Palmer

George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty; Executive Vice President for International Programs

Amanda ashworth 03 03

Amanda Ashworth

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Chad goote

Chad Goote

Vice President of Development

Dr patricia hohlbein 16

Patricia Hohlbein

Vice President of Training and Events

Casey pifer 27

Casey Pifer

Vice President of Institute Relations

Katherine price 28

Katherine Price

Vice President of Operations

Chelsea schick 32

Chelsea Schick

Director of Events

Chris kinnan 18

Chris Kinnan

Director of Information Systems

Romulo lopez 20

Rómulo López

Director of Finance

Kristina crane

Kristina Crane

Operations Manager

Antonella marty 22

Antonella Marty

Associate Director PR & Influencer Relations; Center for Latin America Senior Fellow

Aj skiera 34

AJ Skiera

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Vale sloane 35

Vale Sloane

Strategic Partnerships Advisor

Alex cordel 06

Alex Cordell

Associate Director of Training

James anderson

James Anderson

Associate Director of Events

Christi malvezzi 21

Christi Malvezzi

Associate Director of External Relations

Shannon carter

Shannon Carter

Associate Director of Operations

Mehul jindal

Mehul Jindal

Digital Marketing Manager

Kameron griffin 14

Kameron Griffin

Donor Relations Manager

Lindy arsenault

Lindy Arsenault

Training Manager

Jack shannon 33

Jack Shannon

Institute Relations Manager

Hane crevelari

Hane Crevelari

Institute Relations Manager

Hunter rauch 29

Hunter Rauch

Institute Relations Manager

Clint pagurko 25

Clint Pagurko

Content Specialist

Brad austin

Brad Austin

Multimedia Specialist

Colleen cummings

Colleen Cummings

Graphic Designer & Publications Manager

Ellen saakashvili 30

Ellen Saakashvili

Development Associate

Sam druzbik 11

Sam Druzbik

Training Associate

Isaac emery

Isaac Emery

Events Associate

Alyssa dipadova

Alyssa Dipadova

Institute Relations Associate

Lachlan mersky 23

Lachlan Mersky

Institute Relations Associate

Cody hickman 15

Cody Hickman

Information Systems Associate

Riley mohorc 24 24

Riley Mohorc

Executive Assistant

Dr roberto salinas leon 31

Roberto Salinas-León

Director, Center for Latin America

John tillman 37

John Tillman

Co-Director, Atlas Network, Center for U.S. and Canada

Niels veldhuis 25

Niels Veldhuis

Co-Director, Center for U.S. and Canada

Magatte wade 40

Magatte Wade

Director, Center for African Prosperity