Venkatesh Geriti is an award-winning social entrepreneur and founder of India’s Future Foundation, an educational organization whose mission is to educate, train and connect young leaders in entrepreneurship and economic development. Venkatesh is working as co-organizer of Startup Europe Week 2017 while studying international business and development economics in Italy. He represented various Indian organizations in more than 25 international conferences and workshops in the United States, Germany, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy and Nepal. Prior to founding India’s Future Foundation, Venkatesh helped Students for Liberty start activities in South Asia and headed a south India chapter. He worked as co-founder of Youth for Better India, one of the most influential youth organizations in the anti-corruption movement. He received the Delhi Youth Award 2017 from the India Youth Foundation for his work with India’s Future Foundation. He was also the finalist for the International Youth Icon Award 2014 by the Kafka Development Organization.