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A green market revolution?

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It is in this backdrop that the British Conservation Alliance and the Austrian Economics Center published Green Market Revolution: How Market Environmentalism Can Protect Nature and Save the Planet as a way to incorporate a pro-market voice to the conversation. The book consists of a collection of essays from several Atlas Network partners from around the world, covering such topics as the limits of international policy, carbon taxes, consumption regulations, and more. The book launched on June 29 and offers innovative and free-market solutions to environmental challenges from the 20 authors representing over 15 international organizations.

“I feel like this project shows extremely well how free-market organizations can work together on important issues rather than fight,” said Kai Weiss, co-editor of the book. “Building bridges, engaging in discussions, and cooperating with one another is so crucial—which is what Atlas Network is all about.”

Environmental issues have become more contentious over the past few years, and Green Market Revolution seeks to give its readers new solutions that produce a better outcome for both the planet and for the economy. While most activists look at the issue through a pessimistic lens, Green Market Revolution takes an optimistic approach by introducing alternative visions, and showing how a system based on free markets, innovation, property rights, and localized solutions is far more effective than the usual top-down, one-size-fits-all regulatory approach.

To read more about the authors, or to check out the book, click here.