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Advocata Institute Wins 2022 Asia Liberty Award

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Every year, Atlas Network’s Templeton Freedom Award Prize Program—generously sponsored by the Templeton Religion Trust—honors and rewards think tanks around the world through six Regional Liberty Awards.

The winner of the 2022 Asia Liberty Award is Advocata Institute, located in Sri Lanka, who will take home a prize of US$10,000.

Advocata 3
Dhananath Fernando accepting the Asia Liberty Award on behalf of the Advocata Institute

The award recognizes Advocata’s impact as a leading voice in Sri Lanka, promoting free-market reforms as a means of alleviating the country’s current economic crisis. Advocata Institute has been instrumental in a range of policy reforms, including abolishing price controls, public advocacy for debt restructuring and engaging with international organizations like the IMF, and leading the conversation on the costs of Sri Lanka’s state-owned enterprises and border taxes.

Advocata Institute’s hard work, reasoned approach, and frequent appearance in major media outlets have earned them a reputation among both policymakers and the public as a reliable source for economic analysis and policy proposals. Advocata is prepared for a long climb out of the crash. They are dedicated to making sure the recovery is based on sound policy and opens doors for a more prosperous future in Sri Lanka.

“Advocata is honored to win the Asia Liberty Award and get recognition for the work we do at a regional level. The two other finalists from Afghanistan and Philippines have done highly impactful work in different and difficult circumstances. Asia Liberty Forum inspires all of us to contribute more to our fellow humans and inspire each other to advance freedom and liberty in the region for the betterment of mankind.”

- Dhananath Fernando, Chief Operating Officer of the Advocata Institute
Advocata 1
Representatives from all Asia Liberty Award finalists receiving congratulations for their achievements. From left to right: Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network), Khalid Ramizy (Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization), Dhananath Fernando (Advocata Institute), Calixto Chikiamco (Foundation for Economic Freedom), and Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network).