Announcing Atlas Network’s First Cookbook!

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Atlas Network actively partners with more than 500 independent, non-profit organizations across almost 100 countries, all of whom share our commitment to the principles of a free society. Fundamental to our work is recognizing that policy issues and solutions are not the same from one country to the next. The strategies that our partners seek to implement are responsive to the local needs on which they are the experts.

The network that is created between these partners is dedicated and hardworking, diverse and complex, and vibrant with cultures from different corners of the world. This year we set out to create something new: a cookbook that would celebrate all of these things.

Within the chapters of this cookbook you will have the opportunity to learn about some of the groundbreaking work our partners have done to contribute to the individual freedom of people around the world. You will learn about The Eastern Caucus in Zimbabwe, which is empowering its community’s most vulnerable members—from women to people living with disabilities—to participate in economic growth. Read about México Evalúa, which evaluates and monitors government operations to ensure that they are efficiently and transparently serving the people of Mexico. Or discover the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, which produces and broadcasts a radio program to engage the Afghan people—particularly in communities with high rates of illiteracy—and promote ideas of liberty.

Within these pages you will also be able to explore the world, not only by participating in an immense diversity of cuisines but also by learning about the unique challenges and opportunities that different communities around the world face. We invite you to “share a meal” with our partners by cooking some of their favorite recipes and hearing, in their words, a little more about the cultural significance of those meals. One of our partners in Colombia shared with us that food is an important part of Colombian culture, particularly because it is a shared experience that often brings a whole family together. Another partner from Italy expressed, “Eating is not just eating; it’s being together.” Time and time again, this project has shown us that regardless of cultural context, food so often has a way of bringing people together and celebrating community. This is the feeling that we hoped to capture and share through this cookbook.

The cookbook will be released at this year’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, which is happening this week in New York City. You can also visit this link to pre-order your copy now!

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