Asia Liberty Forum Online 2020: videos, articles, and more!

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Missed the 2020 Asia Liberty Forum Online? We've got you covered! Check out the highlights here.

Asia Liberty Forum 2020: Responding to COVID-19 from a Classical Liberal Approach
Presented by Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States), Calixto Chikiamco (Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines), and Yazad Jal (Centre for Civil Society, India).

How does the liberty movement address threats to freedom during the COVID-19 crisis—and what principles should guide our thinking?

Asia Liberty Forum 2020: Fundraising During a Crisis
Presented by Chad Goote (Atlas Network, United States) and Dr. Parth Shah (Centre for Civil Society, India).

Explore new strategies for navigating organizational and project fundraising during times of economic and political uncertainty.

Asia Liberty Forum 2020: Crises, Scapegoating, and Our Work for Equal Rights, Peace, and Toleration
Presented by Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, United States), Bhakti Patil (Centre for Civil Society, India), and Ali Salman (IDEAS and Islam & Liberty Network, Malaysia).

A crisis creates a unique opportunity for extremism to grow and increases threats to existing institutions. Now, more than ever, think tanks and leaders must be ready to respond to these dangers and continue working towards a more peaceful and prosperous tomorrow.

Asia Liberty Forum 2020: Liberating Trade in Asia
Presented by Bhuvana Anand (Centre for Civil Society, India), Aneetha Warusavitarana (Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka), and Felippa Amanta (Center for Indonesian Policy Studies, Indonesia).

As a result of global responses to the COVID-19 crisis, trade in Asia might look very different in the future. How should governments & institutions respond, and how we can continue to break down institutional barriers to trade in the region?

Asia Liberty Forum Online 2020: Asia Regional Liberty Award Winners

Malaysia-based Islam and Liberty Network has won the 2020 Asia Liberty Award for their faith-based Muslim Case for a Free Society project! The $7,000 prize is awarded annually and is part of Atlas Network's suite of Regional Liberty Awards. The two other finalists were Advocata Institute and their "Don't Tax My Period Project", and Centre for Public Policy Research and their work to liberalize night work for women. Atlas Network congratulates each of our partners for their hard work to bring liberty to the region!

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