Atlas at 40: A Retrospective | Brad Lips interviews Linda Whetstone, Robert Boyd, and Bill Sumner

Brad podcast

Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips guest hosts this special episode of AtlasNexus with three storied guests to commemorate the organization's fortieth anniversary. Linda Whetstone is the daughter of Atlas Network Founder Sir Antony Fisher, a member of the Atlas Network board of directors (formerly board chair), and president of the Mont Pelerin Society. Robert Boyd spent seven years on the Atlas Network (then the Atlas Economic Research Foundation) board early in its history and eventually returned to serve on the board of directors once more. Bill Sumner is the chairman emeritus of Atlas Network’s board of directors, serving as chairman of the board for decades. The three guests combine for over one hundred years of relationship with Atlas Network, and they join the show to talk about the organization’s founder, history, and global impact in the past four decades. Whetstone, Boyd, and Sumner discuss Atlas Network’s lean early days, Sir Fisher’s determination and drive, and the triumph over early challenges that Atlas Network and Institute of Economic Affairs both experienced. History lovers will delight in this special episode of AtlasNexus!