Atlas Network's new podcast "Atlas Nexus" will showcase freedom champions

Atlas Nexus

Atlas Network has launched a new podcast, Atlas Nexus, to showcase the work of incredible freedom champions in the global liberty movement. This short interview series will share global perspectives from extraordinary people who are changing lives around the world by strengthening their communities, empowering individuals, and championing the cause of liberty.

Atlas Nexus is hosted by Melissa Mann, vice president of communications at Atlas Network. The first episode and a special bonus episode are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Overcast, Castro, and Castbox. You can also find them here.

In the first episode, Mann and Elena Leontjeva, president of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI), talk about the work LFMI is doing to roll back unnecessary government spending during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss the way life has changed in Lithuania during the current crisis.

Before the pandemic, Atlas Network President Matt Warner sat down for a short test interview and explains why traditional aid is failing the developing world, pointing out that the true solution to poverty reduction is local knowledge and greater opportunity.

Atlas Nexus is a chance to hear from Atlas Network’s partners about the work their organization is doing to promote economic freedom, limited government, and opportunity. Through the rest of the COVID-19 crisis, a new episode of Atlas Nexus will premiere every Tuesday at noon. As the world returns to normal, the podcast will transition to every other Tuesday.

Don’t forget to subscribe and check back every Tuesday at noon for a new conversation!