Axel Kaiser's New Book Climbs The Charts

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The latest book by Axel Kaiser has hit #3 on the bestseller list in Spain. El Economista Callejero: 15 Lecciones de Economía para Sobrevivir a Políticos y Demagogos (The Street Economist: 15 Economic Lessons to Survive Politicians and Demagogues) is a guide to the fundamentals of economic policy and thought. Kaiser, a senior fellow at the Center for Latin America and member of the Mont Pelerin Society, states that most citizens lack a baseline understanding of economics, and even some politicians and intellectual elites don’t understand the details of the system. With this clear and coherent text, the foundations of economic thought are now widely available to everyone, rather than only university students or those working in specific economics-related fields. The book has received much public traction due to its simple yet thorough educational approach.

The underlying argument of El Economista Callejero is that we need more “street economists,” as read in the title. Kaiser works to educate many on the essentials of a free-market economic system based on the thoughts and policies of famous economists such as Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, and Friedrich Hayek. He argues that many damaging policies have bled into society and threaten to undo the gains provided by the free-market economy. Kaiser desires to make knowledge of economics more accessible to the common person to protect the free-market values that bring prosperity to a society.

Kaiser’s recently published book has already received rave reviews. It averages 4.8 stars on websites such as Amazon, Buscalibre, and others. Readers claim that it is easy to read, an efficient summary of the free-market process, and perfect for anyone looking to learn more about economics and the potential dangers of certain systems. Kaiser is already widely known and stands as an important figure in representing Chilean liberalism, which helped boost the popularity of the book. He is a lawyer, political scientist, and columnist for Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. His opinions have been published in many prominent U.S. publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Washington Post.

El Economista Callejero continues to rise in popularity, as the public is hungry for a true and historic representation of the fundamentals of economics and the stability found in the free-market economy. Buy your copy here.