Becket 2018 wins Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award


Washington-based Becket has won Atlas Network’s 2018 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award for its video Why there aren't more Sikhs in the U.S. military.

Why there aren't more Sikhs in the U.S. military

The Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award recognizes the most successful online video of the last year. Strong candidates articulate the strategic impact of their video and most typically have reached significant and strategic audiences, utilized effective messaging or storytelling, and demonstrated capable production and editing techniques.

With over 680,000 views, Why there aren't more Sikhs in the military asks viewers what they would do if they had to choose between serving their god and serving their country. It does this by telling the story of Captain Simratpal Singh’s journey through West Point Military Academy and his career in the armed services. The military has a policy against facial hair and non-official headgear but frequently give special accommodations based on circumstances. However, the military would not give one to Captain Singh despite the fact his beard and turban are central to his religion. With captivating visuals and an excellent use of narratives, Becket tells a moving story that draws attention to a military policy that has discriminated against the world’s fifth largest religion for decades. In January 2017 — thanks to its advocacy — Beckett succeeded in getting the changing the policy. Now members of different religions will be able to serve both their god and their country.

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