Behind the scenes in Burundi

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Our production team is on the ground in Burundi right now filming the next few videos in the Doing Development Differently series! Our partner, Centre for Development and Enterprises Great Lakes, has succeeded in encouraging some major reforms, and we're here to document the real-life impact of those reforms. Check out our social media feeds and the article below for some behind-the-scenes photos, and stay tuned for more updates before the final video release!

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The film crew was met at the airport by team members from Centre for Development and Enterprises Great Lakes (CDE). Left to right: Charles Fritschner (videographer, director; Thatch Films), Innocent Kezakimana (administration and finance manager, CDE), Monia Wakana (communications director, CDE), Aimable Manirakiza (CEO, CDE), Conrado Etchebarne (producer), Clint Pagurko (producer, communications specialist; Atlas Network), Isaac Torres (photographer).
Story 1: Papa Coriandre
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A street sign featuring the flag of Burundi and the logo of the ruling party.
20220518 140803
Charlie films Aimable interacting with Papa Coriandre, a local entrepreneur who has been empowered by reforms encouraged by the Atlas Network partner.
20220519 134233 2
Charles and Conrado set up for an interview with Papa Coriandre.
20220519 120725
Charles and Isaac working as Papa Coriandre prepares one of his signature juice products.
20220518 165729
Setting up a group photo with Papa Coriandre and his employees.
Story 2: Nasra
20220520 121907 2
Interviewing Nasra, a woman who trades across the Burundi-Democratic Republic of the Congo border, near the border station.
20220520 172814 2
Charlie, Isaac, and Conrado capturing the cityscape of Bujumbura with Lake Tanganyika in the background and the mountains beyond.
20220521 093054 2
The landscape changed as we neared the Rwandan border and Nasra's home.
20220521 112254 2
The team getting ready to interview Nice at her home.
Story 3: Aimable Manirakiza
20220522 091618 2
Starting off Sunday morning by visiting Aimable's church.
20220523 090246 2
With Aimable in the tv station as he is interviewed on camera.
20220523 105605 2
Capturing the daily work environment at the Centre for Development and Enterprises Great Lakes office.
20220523 173820 2
After a soccer game in the rain.

Keep an eye out for more updates ahead of the video releases later this year!