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Bendukidze Free Market Center marks 6 years since Maidan Massacre

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Bendukidze Free Market Center (BFMC), an Atlas Network partner in Ukraine, recently produced Зима, що нас змінила: шість років після Майдану (The Winter That Changed Us: Six Years After Maidan), a new documentary about 2014’s Revolution of Dignity, which was sparked by the Maidan Massacre.

Intended for Ukrainians who were too young to participate in the Revolution almost 6 years ago, the documentary hones in on the stories of five activists who were on the front lines. Each discusses what made them join the revolution, what it was like, and what they think of it 6 years later. The documentary also highlights the sharp increase in civil society activists and political organizations following Maidan, encouraging viewers to get involved in the ongoing fight.

“We chose this project idea for a number of reasons,” explained Nataliya Melnyk, communications manager at BFMC, “but the main one was the importance of having an honest conversation with youth about the price for freedom.” BFMC hopes the documentary will encourage younger Ukrainians to work towards a freer future. “Young people are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of decisions made today,” continued Melnyk, “that is why it is so critical to get them involved and interested right now.”

Atlas Network was a founding donor of Bendukidze Free Market Center in 2015, and has since supported several of their projects, including this most recent documentary. “BFMC is one of a number of Ukrainian organizations that is fortunate to receive support and guidance from Atlas Network, be it through grants or various training opportunities,” concluded Melnyk. “We wouldn’t even exist now if Atlas Network hadn’t helped us out in the very beginning.”