Camilo Guzmán wins Latin America Think Tank Shark Tank

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Judges at Latin America Liberty Forum 2023 chose Camilo Guzmán of Atlas Network partner Libertank in Colombia as the winner of the Latin America Think Tank Shark Tank competition and its US$10,000 prize.

Camilo Guzmán of Libertank (Colombia) pitched to judges his Líder Lab project, his organization’s plan to bring young community leaders together to learn about free markets, individual rights, and classical liberal values. Líder Lab will also offer these young people the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and envision how their lives and communities could be transformed through more liberty. Libertank has seen success with this model and is looking forward to taking the next step with their plan.

Atlas Network’s Coach, Compete, Celebrate model is on full display at each of our four Regional Liberty Forums, through the Think Tank Shark Tank grant competition. In this event, three Atlas Network grant recipients take the stage to pitch a panel of judges—and the audience—on why their project should receive additional funding support. Think Tank Shark Tank and more Atlas Network competitions will be coming to your part of the world. Visit Together.AtlasNetwork.org to receive updates about Atlas Network events in your region.