Capital Research Center on the violence of communism goes viral


The Capital Research Center (CRC)’s recent video, “Communism will ALWAYS be Violent,” has gone viral, with roughly 2 million organic views and its translation into Vietnamese with more translations to come. The video has received substantial international interest.

“On Thursday, January 11th the Capital Research Center released a video written, narrated, and produced by me entitled ‘Communism will ALWAYS be Violent,’” said Jake Klein, film and video producer for CRC in a follow-up article to the video. “The video was a refutation of the claim that peaceful communism is possible and of the idea that the Soviet Union failed because the Soviets’ goal wasn’t ‘real communism.’ … Overnight, the video went viral. In less than 24 hours, it became our most widely viewed video of its type. In less than a week, it was shared 25 thousand times and viewed over 1.4 million times.”

“Communism will ALWAYS be Violent”

“… It doesn’t matter if the Soviet Union or other so-called Communist nations were indeed communist per-Marx’s definition,” Klein continued. “… Any single failed example could be excused, but when every nation that called itself Communist has failed to achieve it, it signals that’s because communism cannot be achieved. Their attempts to fight against reality have only been sustained through violence until they inevitably crumble.”

Communism Leaders graphic.

The Capital Research Center is looking for partners around the world to translate and distribute translated versions of the video into their local languages. CRC may be able to provide already translated versions for distribution. If interested, please contact Jake Klein at: