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CEDICE Futuro lays the foundation for a successful fourth industrial revolution in Venezuela

This is a game of Pizzionary (Pictionary + Pizza) played after a talk on the role of freedom in technological innovations at CEDICE's Library.

Deep inside the world’s least economically free country, important discussions of the future of liberty are bringing hundreds of students and leaders together to ponder how technology and innovation can rebuild Venezuela.

In 2019, CEDICE Futuro hosted ten workshops to educate and energize people about the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Venezuela, a new paradigm that characterizes how technological advancements will fundamentally alter human interactions.

“With CEDICE Futuro’s work to promote the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we have raised concrete and plausible solutions to Venezuela's public problems through private initiative,” explained CEDICE project coordinator Jesús Renzullo. “It's a new way to introduce Venezuelans to economic freedom without portraying it as an ideological matter.”

CEDICE’s workshops attracted 221 people, including university students and policymakers. Gueremos Graduarnos (We Will Graduate), a workshop designed for high school students who are aspiring entrepreneurs, focused on discovering the best ways to solve the problems facing their nation and helped students understand the power of technological innovation in a free market system.

Two policymakers continue to work closely with CEDICE. Deputy Joaquin Aguilar, a member of the National Assembly, working to develop strong messages about the benefits of private initiative in aiding the country's reconstruction. CEDICE also worked with Germán Gimenez, the Director of Training of the National Assembly, to help him re-shape his team's understanding of freedom and develop policies that limit government and cut bureaucracy.

The workshops were held with the support of Atlas Network. CEDICE Futuro plans to continue their efforts to educate young people about the future as they build greater understanding about free enterprise in a very difficult environment.