Connor Boyack wins 2019 Think Tank Shark Tank Competition

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Atlas Network congratulates Connor Boyack of the Libertas Institute for winning the 2019 Think Tank Shark Tank competition with his project The Free Market Rules curriculum. The ceremony was held during Atlas Network’s annual Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner. Think Tank Shark Tank offers three think tank leaders the opportunity to pitch exciting new projects to a panel of judges to win $25,000 in seed-funding for their project proposal. The 2019 Think Tank Shark Tank competition was held in front of the crowd of over 450 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square.

The Free Market Rules curriculum brings free-market economics to the family, providing weekly lessons to children of all ages and their parents to learn the ideas of a free society.

With a stream of curated content, families are empowered with the ability to think about and meaningfully discuss fundamental ideas and philosophical concepts that are at the heart of our lives. As children grow older, the resources and the connections that the Libertas Institute provides will give them the opportunity to find a place for themselves in the broader liberty movement, if they chose to get involved in the fight for freedom.

The other finalists were Adriana Pineda of CEDICE Futuro and its Hazlitt Project to teach Latin American journalists free-market principles and how best to deliver them; and Dhananath Fernando of the Advocata Institute and its Freedom Manifesto, a project that aims to provide targeted market-oriented policy solutions to political parties for their platforms in Sri Lanka.