Creating a culture of entrepreneurship in West Africa

Creating a culture

Students from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in Ghana are better prepared to join the workforce thanks to the efforts of Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO), an Atlas Network grantee that is working to advance the principles of a free society in order to enable the creation of opportunities for all. Nearly 300 students attended YAFO’s “Young and Employable” workshop, which focused on entrepreneurship, networking, and professional development, giving participants the unique opportunity to expand their education beyond the limits of the classroom.

Young and Employable featured discussions on critical thinking, creative problem solving, and navigating corporate culture led by community leaders, including IYF lecturer Emmanuel J. Gadze, retired educator Kojo Mbri, and international development expert Marricke Kofi Gane. Participants were enthusiastic about the program’s practical benefits. “It was an educational and insightful experience,” remarked student Michael Asare. “I have not experienced such an interactive event like this that speaks about you and the future.”

West Africa in the 21st century is seeing a burgeoning of free markets and entrepreneurs. YAFO connects students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs to opportunities, as well as works to create a prosperous future for Africa by advancing liberty, free-market principles and economic freedom. Their aim is to create a new generation of entrepreneurs by instilling in the hearts and minds of young Africans a sense of the potential for growth and change through personal initiative.

“Many graduates have the tendency of completing school without knowing what awaits them in the future,” explained Nathaniel Dwamena, co-founder and programs manager of YAFO. “Others are also unprepared and unready for the challenges in life. These students don’t need just education on entrepreneurship but the skills to push them to be more relevant on their entrepreneurial journey.”

With the aid of YAFO and its community of supporters, these students will be able to approach the future with confidence.

Young and Employable was presented with support from Atlas Network, Marricke Gane Consulting, and International Youth Fellowship (IYF).