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Daniil Lubkin of Ukrainian Students for Freedom wins the 2021 Think Tank Shark Tank competition

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Daniil Lubkin won the 2021 Think Tank Shark Tank Award for his pitch to train Belarussian activists to work effectively for a freer Belarus.

During the Eyes on the Prize Dinner at Atlas Network’s 2021 Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, judges chose Daniil as the winner of the 2021 Think Tank Shark Tank competition and its US$25,000 prize. Lubkin, CEO of Ukrainian Students for Freedom, pitched his plan to conduct a three-stage training of Belarussian freedom advocates, culminating in internships for the top trainees.

The competition was judged by Arturo Brillembourg of the Ochoa Brillembourg Foundation, Linda Whetstone of the Mont Pelerin Society, and Fred Young.

Lubkin said this project is important because “right now is a crucial moment when the liberty movement has to unite around Belarus. We have to put maximum effort to support the liberty movement that started during the protests of 2020. We as Ukrainian Students for Freedom are uniquely positioned to help that cause: we have experience of working with Belarusian activists during our Belarusian Leadership Program, we have enough resources to organize such a project, and most importantly we have trust of people who are still inside Belarus and afraid for their safety. We will work to make Belarus a freer and safer place.”

The other contestants were Tere Nolla of The Center for Economic Renewal, Growth and Excellence and Basanta Adhikari of Bikalpa-An Alternative. Read more about all three pitches here.