New book on development by Dr. Tom G. Palmer and Matt Warner to be published by Routledge publishing house

Tom and Matt Book

A new book by Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom G. Palmer and Matt Warner will be published in January by the prestigious Routledge publishing house. Development with Dignity: Self-determination, Localization, and the End to Poverty will be promoted as a part of Routledge’s “Rethinking Development” series.

As the failures of “foreign aid” become ever more apparent, Warner and Palmer argue that the dignity of self-determination is the key to unlocking universal prosperity. With a wealth of experience and case studies, the authors draw on economic history and theory, political science, moral philosophy, psychology, sociology, and many other fields to make their argument. Development with Dignity is compelling and engaging and offers the promise of securing dignity, rights, and prosperity for all. This book will be essential reading for students and practitioners of international development, as well as anyone concerned about empowering the poor and the marginalized to lift themselves out of poverty.

Development with Dignity includes a foreword by renowned economist Deirdre McCloskey and has been praised by Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith as “an outstanding contribution.” The book will be available for purchase in January 2022. Order your copy here.