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E-book review: Illiberalism in Europe

Book review

CapX, the media arm of Atlas Network partner Centre for Policy Studies in the United Kingdom, recently released a new e-book that introduces readers to the many faces of illiberalism in Europe. Illiberalism in Europe highlights the current threats to liberty across the continent. “Be it the Zelensky government’s domestic reforms, the madness of German energy policy, or Swedish stealth taxes, there are a lot of contentious issues out there that the general public isn’t aware of,” explained John Ashmore, one of the contributors of the e-book and editor at CapX.

Illiberalism in Europe consists of a collection of essays, each of which discusses a different issue or policy proposal. From Brexit in the U.K. to populism in Hungary, CapX covers a wide array of issues that are gripping the 28-nation bloc. While mainly focused on the negatives of illiberalism and big-government policies, the e-book also has a more optimistic section. "We wanted to finish the collection on a positive note,” explained Ashmore, “so we wrapped it up with an essay by Eszter Szucs on how young people are leading the fight against authoritarianism.” Drawing from past examples of young people’s influence in European politics, and highlighting the “issue-specific movements for change” that have become very popular among young people, Szucs points to a brighter and freer future across Europe.

Atlas Network supported the Illiberalism in Europe e-book project with a startup grant. “Simply put, we would not have been able to put this project together without the very generous support of Atlas Network,” continued Ashmore. “We’re extremely grateful for that support and all the work that Atlas Network does to promote freedom.”