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Economichna Pravda helps Ukrainians know their rights


Thanks to the efforts of Atlas Network partners, seven million Ukrainian landowners are no longer burdened by Soviet-era restrictions on their private property rights. But how do you get the word out to seven million people about their new freedom? Experts predicted that after six months of operation, the land market would see 5% of agricultural land in circulation. In reality, when the six-month mark rolled around on January 1, 2022, that number was less than 0.5%. Thankfully, Economichna Pravda, a Ukraine-based Atlas Network partner, was already on the case. They realized that people need to know about their rights to be able to exercise them. They are addressing this problem through a new online platform they have dubbed the “Land Guide.”

The data and education provided by the state was shockingly insufficient, so Economichna Pravda designed the Land Guide to educate landowners on their rights, studying their awareness of those rights, and identify areas where further reforms are needed to streamline the market. The organization worked with experts and conducted research to gather the information they needed, then began publishing news pieces, in-depth articles, and videos on the Land Guide website. Between June 2021 and January 2022, they published over 100 of these resources on the website, attracting not only the attention of landowners, but also that of experts, lawmakers, and regulators. The website has earned over 500,000 views so far, and an average article reaches nearly 20,000 readers.

Garnering website views wasn’t the only goal, however, so Economichna Pravda used the Land Guide as a springboard for more extensive work. Over a dozen media outlets picked up the articles published on the site, extending its reach. They also worked with several other local organizations to hold a round table to present their findings and proposals for a better market structure, and the event was attended by several key officials and policymakers.

Before the Kremlin launched an invasion of Ukraine, Economichna Pravda planned to continue expanding the Land Guide, including adding a new area of research on state-owned land. Though those plans have been disrupted, this organization’s accomplishments so far and vision for the future demonstrate their dedication to building a better future for their country. Despite the invasion, they are continuing this work, and seeking new opportunities to increase human flourishing in Ukraine.

Atlas Network supported this project with a grant.