Ep. 12: Robert McNamara | Defending liberty in the courtroom

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What happens when the government that's supposed to defend your rights is the one violating them? That's where Institute for Justice comes in. Robert McNamara, a senior attorney at Institute for Justice, joins this episode of Borderless to talk with host Vale Sloane about his and his organization's work to defend the rights of Americans in court.

One area of particular concern for Institute for Justice is eminent domain abuse. This legal doctrine allows the government to require private property owners to sell their land to the government at a fair market rate for public use. Unfortunately, "public use" can be hard to strictly define, leaving open the opportunity for eminent domain to be used to benefit private companies at the expense of private citizens. These are the situations that Institute for Justice looks out for, stepping in to defend private citizens and their rights. In this episode, Robert McNamara talks about how he's been involved in these cases, what's changed since he started, and why it's important to keep working to advance liberty, even when the odds seem stacked against you.