Ep. 14: Colin Craig │ The problems with Canada's socialized healthcare

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In this episode of Borderless, Vale sits down with Colin Craig, president of SecondStreet.org. SecondStreet.org is an Atlas Network partner dedicated to exploring how government policies impact the lives of everyday Canadians. Recently, they have focused on the negative side effects of Canada's single-payer healthcare system. Craig mentions that this structure leads to significant government control over patients lives in Canada and a government monopoly over healthcare services. Inefficiency is rampant, leading to poor business practices and bad outcomes for many patients.

That government monopoly often leads to shortages in medical care and long waiting lists even for desperately needed procedures. Many patients suffer and some even die while waiting for life-saving care. Canadians who have the financial means often resort to seeking care in the United States or even further afield to escape the waiting lists. Craig is concerned by this reality, and he says it will continue to be a problem in the future. The sooner everyday Canadians are aware of these issues, the sooner they can find a solution.