Ep. 16: Robert Enlow │ Educational Opportunity for All 

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On this week's episode of Borderless, Vale Sloane is joined by Robert Enlow, president of EdChoice. This organization's mission is to bring to fruition Milton Friedman's vision of educational choice for every child. By ensuring that funding follows students—whether that be to public school, private school, charter school, home school, or another option—EdChoice is seeking to bring about a more equitable future for all.

Robert Enlow points out that for many years the American education system has operated as an oppressive monopoly, informed more by the history of redlining than the actual needs of students. Only through expanding educational choice can that monopoly be ended and families be given the choices they need to thrive. Greater educational choice enjoys enormous support across demographic categories, Enlow says, and it is only special interest groups and reticent legislators who limit the growth of opportunity. A massive portion of federal, state, and local money is directed toward education, he points out, and families should have a say in how that money is spent to educate their own children.