Ep. 19: Kate Shapovalenko | A Ukrainian Perspective

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This week on Borderless, Vale Sloane is joined by Kateryna Shapovalenko, project manager at EasyBusiness, an Atlas Network partner based in Kyiv, Ukraine. While Shapovalenko has relocated to the United States since the Kremlin’s invasion of her country, she and her organization continue to work for better government policies that will result in more economic choices and better lives for their fellow Ukrainians. It was in part because of EasyBusiness’s efforts that the Ukrainian government finally passed land reform legislation in 2021 that finally rid the country’s landowners of Soviet-era rules that prevented them from using their property as they saw fit.

On episode 19 Kate Shapovalenko discusses how EasyBusiness has been continuing to work since the start of the invasion, the significance of the aid sent to Ukraine by other countries such as the United States, and what aid Ukraine still needs. Her unique position as a U.S.-based Ukrainian allows listeners a more informed perspective on the war, as well as a better idea of how they can get involved in defending human liberty and flourishing.