Ep. 20: Charles Mitchell | Commonwealth Foundation and a Freer Pennsylvania

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This week on Borderless, Charles Mitchell, president and CEO of Atlas Network's Pennsylvania-based partner Commonwealth Foundation, joins host Vale Sloane to discuss how his organization is both expanding educational choice and ensuring the integrity of the bounds on government power. In 2021, after Governor Tom Wolf continued to extend his COVID-19 emergency declarations and powers, Commonwealth Foundation supported a successful ballot initiative to limit the emergency powers of the Pennsylvania governor's office. Regardless of who holds the governor's office or what party they hail from, the state constitution now puts clear limits on their powers to declare and emergency situation.

Commonwealth Foundation is also looking forward to expanding educational choice during the year ahead. They're working in conjunction with state lawmakers to advance a package of proposals to increase students' access to opportunity. Mitchell points out that with the skyrocketing application rate for already-implemented educational choice programs due to COVID-19, there is a clear and present demand for more options for students and parents, not to mention the local businesses who are excited to donate millions of dollars to those scholarship programs. Listen today to get the full story.