Ep. 21: Dr. Roberto Salinas-León | The future of liberty in Latin America

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This week on Borderless, Vale Sloane is joined by Dr. Roberto Salinas-León, director of Atlas Network’s Center for Latin America. With the recent election of a socialist president in Chile and troubling developments in Mexico, threats to liberalism abound in Latin America. What do these sea changes really mean for human freedom? Will Chile's impressive gains against poverty and towards better lives for all be reversed? How is the Center for Latin America responding? That’s what Dr. Salinas joined Borderless to discuss, along with what attendees can look forward to at the upcoming Latin America Liberty Forum in Mexico City.

As it turns out, there is hope for economic choice and individual liberty in Latin America, but only if we step up now. Atlas Network partner organizations across the region continue to make the case for why freedom leads to better lives. Latin America Liberty Forum 2022, taking place in Mexico City, Mexico on June 9-10 offers an ideal opportunity for freedom-oriented organizations to network, learn from each other, and build momentum for a resurgence of liberalism in their region.