Ep. 5: Jessi Troyan | Bringing Educational Choice to West Virginia

Jessi Troyan 670x538

In this episode of Borderless, Vale Sloane is joined by Jessi Troyan of Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy to talk about her organization's Templeton Freedom Award finalist project, which brought educational choice and hope for a more prosperous future to West Virginia through educational savings accounts. Cardinal Institute has been dedicated to education reform since 2015, when they began working with a coalition of like-minded organizations to change hearts, minds, and policy. In 2019 they convinced the state government to pass a law during a special legislative session allowing charter schools in West Virginia for the first time. Finally, in 2021, their work paid off when lawmakers passed landmark educational freedom legislation establishing education savings accounts, which will allow hundreds of thousands of students and parents to make better, more personalized decisions regarding their education options.

You can read more about their project and the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award here.

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