Ep. 9: Chris Barnard | Achieving Environmentalism with the Free Market

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Free-market process are better at protecting the environment than top-down solutions! Find out how in this episode of Borderless as Vale Sloane talks market environmentalism with Chris Barnard of the American Conservation Coalition. Leveraging property rights, market incentives, and supply and demand have shown to be effective in saving endangered species and key habitats, but few people think of capitalism when they hear "environmentalism."

Barnard and his organization are working to change that through education and advocacy, showing that individuals who favor capitalism over big government do care about the environment and actually have the best, most effective tools to do so. Their efforts are reaching new heights with their "Market Environmentalism Academy" initiative. This free online resource provides in-depth analysis from experts on environmental issues and how the free market provides solutions.

You can find out more about the American Conservation Coalition and Market Environmentalism Academy here.

And don't miss our discussion on how the British Conservation Alliance is reaching university students in the United Kingdom with the message of market environmentalism.