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European Leaders to Compete in Think Tank Shark Tank

Europe TTST 2023

Atlas Network’s Coach, Compete, Celebrate model is on full display at each of our four Regional Liberty Forums, through the Think Tank Shark Tank grant competition. In this event, three Atlas Network grant recipients take the stage to pitch a panel of judges—and the audience—on why their project should receive additional funding support.

These Think Tank Shark Tank pitch competitions don’t just offer contestants a chance for prize money, they also accelerate innovation throughout Atlas Network by promoting entrepreneurial responses to new and old challenges. Atlas Network is pleased to announce the three contestants who will compete at Europe Liberty Forum in Prague, Czech Republic on May 25-26.

Hailing from Georgian Economic Literacy Initiative, Levan Pavlenishvili will pitch an initiative to increase teachers’ economic literacy and train them to introduce economic lessons in the classroom.

Orhan Ceka, of Liberal Alternative Institute of North Macedonia, will show our judges a plan to expand their program getting high schoolers invested in learning about market economics and exploring their potential as entrepreneurs.

From Belarus, Piotr Markielau of Youth Bloc hopes to win support for a seminar series that aims to educate, engage, and energize liberty-minded Belarusian students and activists.

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