Former Lights, Camera, Liberty participant to launch 'Big Fish' TV show in Greece in February


To combat increased government hostility towards entrepreneurship and economic growth, Greek Liberties Monitor (GLM), is launching the TV series Big Fish in February, which will feature positive stories about entrepreneurship, free markets, and capitalism. Greece has been consumed by a declining labor market that has hindered productivity and job development since its economic crash in 2009, which has fostered a climate in which the public and the government are unsupportive of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Big Fish will highlight the accomplishments of entrepreneurs in order to engage the Greek audience and break down the negative stereotypes that obstruct business and free markets, as well as create a network of entrepreneurs to share their contributions and illustrate their substantial benefit to the country.

Big Fish will present business and startup news, inspirational success stories, segments featuring the issues related to the economy and business, and the ultimate pitching contest — where start-ups will compete for the Big Fish champion title.

GLM has participated in multiple Atlas Network trainings that have aided in planning and implementing the Big FishTV show.

“The whole concept was discussed in multiple Lights, Camera, Liberty trainings, and the support given by Atlas Network in other projects allowed us to have the resources to [devote] to this project and bring it to a successful completion,” explained Michael Iakovidis, the co-founder of GLM. “The Think Tank MBA training for myself and the Think Tank Leadership Training for members of our staff proved truly invaluable in planning and implementing the Big Fish project.”

GLM attended Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty training in 2017 and 2018.