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Fundacíon Bases focuses on opportunities for Argentina through online educational program

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Argentina-based Fundacíon Bases is seeing great success from its recently launched sixth edition of its Programa Online de Economía y Ciencias Sociales (Online Program of Economic and Social Sciences). This newest edition brought in more than 2,000 participants from 25 countries. The organization hopes to have participants from every Spanish-speaking country in the near future.

“Populism in Argentina is showing signs of exhaustion,” said Federico Fernández, president of Fundacíon Bases. “Instead of talking about challenges, we should talk about opportunities. Our online program is giving intellectual ammunition to countless people in the Spanish-speaking world.”

The program includes a series of webinars and short seminars related to topics of individual liberty and economic freedom. The line-up of speakers includes Robert Murphy, an economist with the Institute for Energy Research specializing in climate change; Nicolás Cachanosky, a native of Argentina and an assistant professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver; María Blanco, a professor at Universidad CEU-San Pablo; and Agustín Laje, an Argentian columnist and author.

“The biggest challenge we face in Argentina is how to capitalize these underlying tendencies of society in the direction of more liberty and prosperity,” continued Fernández. “These are great times to promote the cause of liberty in our country.”