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Fundalib‘s economic freedom index relieves financial burden for 8 million citizens

Madrid city view

Despite the unparalleled circumstances that 2020 brought to the worldwide liberty movement, Spain’s Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad (Fundalib) was able to persevere and help relieve the financial burden on citizens of Madrid, Murica, Andalucia, and Galicia Spain. Fundalib’s success in advocating for tax cuts in these regions have helped approximately eight million people recover from the negative financial consequences brought on by COVID-19.

Through their efforts, Fundalib met with Regional President of the community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz, multiple times. Following their meetings, Isabel Diaz announced at the regional parliament meeting that her cabinet would introduce a 0.5% tax cut to all income brackets in her region. Additionally, after recommendations from Fundalib, the President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando Lopez, implemented a tax cut of 30 million euros for both families and businesses. Alongside this major tax cut, Lopez announced an additional income tax deduction of 600 euros for taxpayers who are also caretakers of elderly citizens in the region.

Fundalib released their first index in 2018 examining municipal macroeconomics, municipal payroll, economic interventionism at the municipal level, and municipal taxation. Since 2018, Fundalib has offered a wide range of policy recommendations that have been enacted at the municipal level.

Most recently, the city of La Laguna (the third largest city in the Canary Islands), has adopted several policy changes in line with Fundalib’s Index of Economic Freedom for Spain's Cities, including tax cuts to household incomes and taxes on restaurants who have outdoor seating on the streets of La Laguna.

Fundalib’s recommendations that have been adopted have affected an overall population of approximately eight million people and the organization has been recognized as the winner of the 2020 Europe Liberty Award for their lasting impact.

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