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Global policy perspectives series: Ma Junjie

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Atlas Network’s Global Policy Perspectives event series brings think tank leaders from around the world to deliver unique talks about their countries, the place of civil society within them, and what timely and important topics are affecting each. On October 25, Atlas Network hosted Ma Junjie of Unirule Institute of Economics, whose talk was titled “Defender of the Market of Ideas in China.” The GPP event series is generously supported by the Smith Family Foundation and the Achelis & Bodman Foundation.

Unirule is based in Beijing and was founded 25 years ago. Unirule is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas in economics in general, with a particular focus on institutional economics, and maintains a highly prestigious status within academic circles. In addition to speaking on the history of Unirule from its founding up to the present day, Junjie spoke about the current political environment in China and how he and others are working to promote ideas of a free society within the country's borders. Mr. Junjie will also be delivering one of the Cornerstone Talks on Nov. 7 at Atlas Network's Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner.

Junjie fields an audience question during the Q&A.

Junjie is a member of Mont Pelerin Society; researcher at China’s most esteemed private think-tank, and the acting director of its International Cooperation Centre; and associate researcher at Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE).

He is an alumnus of International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) of the U.S. Department of State, and a two-time alumnus of International Academy for Leadership (IAF) of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). He is a regular speaker at Asia Liberty Forum, CIFE’s annual and special conferences, and foreign embassies in Beijing. His research interests range from China’s economic and political reforms, property rights, innovation and entrepreneurship, reform of state-owned enterprises, and the development of private enterprises, to climate change issues, and corporate social responsibilities.

Junjie spoke with several members of the audience after the event.

He is a columnist for multiple major Chinese newspapers and journals, such as China Business Journal (中国经营报), The Economic Observer (经济观察报), and Caixin Media (财新传媒), and a regular contributor to international media outlets, such as The Diplomat, Yicai Global, Foundation for Economics Education (FEE), and L’Europe en Formation.

As of March 2018, Junjie is founder and CEO of ENC International Advisory Group, a private business; and executive director of ENC Centre for Global Affairs, a classical liberal think tank. The mission of the ENC Centre for Global Affairs is to provide a balanced view for future leaders, opinion-molders, and young professionals in China regarding global affairs. Its long-term objective is to establish a continued and institutionalized learning process available to Chinese young leaders.