Guatemalan-based UFM to open Madrid campus in 2018


Gabriel Calzada, president of Universidad of Francisco Marroquín (UFM), revealed in a surprise announcement at Europe Liberty Forum 2017 that the free-market Guatemalan university will open a European campus in Madrid in February 2018.

“At a time when so many universities have abandoned their primary purpose, its enormously encouraging that UFM is expanding like this,” said Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips. “European students will have their lives changed by UFM's rigorous entrepreneurial approach to learning.”

At its new campus in Madrid, UFM will offer a range of educational products, including its signature programs in entrepreneurship and economics. Founded in 1971 by Guatemalan entrepreneur Manuel F. Ayau, UFM was recently highlighted as the best place in the world to study free-market economics when it was ranked #1 on the list Top Fifty Places to Study Classical Economics by

During his address, Calzada thanked the Bottoms family for generously donating the seed capital to make such an expansion possible. He encouraged European institutions working to expand individual liberty to partner with UFM Madrid to create in Europe a classical liberal education hub like the one UFM has forged in Latin America over the last forty-six years.