Harnessing an enabling environment for women's economic empowerment post-pandemic


Investing in women’s economic opportunities is good business for all, because when more women work, economies grow. However, limited information and data exist on how countries are progressing on the issue and many global economic indices have failed to account for gender discrimination, leading to an incomplete picture of the opportunities available to women in many low- and middle-income countries.

Watch the event recording of Harnessing an enabling environment for women’s economic empowerment post-pandemic.

On August 5, 2020, Devex and Atlas Network hosted an online event that discussed the need to support more local solutions for ensuring equal access to market participation under the law.

Atlas Network President Matt Warner kicked off the proceedings followed by a panel featuring Anthea Haryoko (head of external relations at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies), Arpita Nepal (co-founder and advisor of research & development of the Samriddhi Foundation), and Tea Trumbic (program manager, Women, Business and the Law, Global Indicators Group at the World Bank).