Imported American cars will now be cheaper in Ukraine


American cars will be cheaper in Ukraine thanks in part to the work of the Center for Social and Economic Research Ukraine (CASE). CASE, an Atlas Network partner, published a research report in response to a new tax proposal that was to be levied on American imported cars. The report countered the “support for domestic producers'' narrative that contributes to Ukraine having excessively overpriced cars and relatively few drivers on the road. According to their report, removing these protectionist restrictions as well as illogical environmental restrictions, Ukrainians will become more productive, mobile, and social.

CASE utilized a robust outreach plan to help shape the narrative around these restrictions, reaching over 3 million Ukrainians. The team also conducted a public opinion poll that showed 82 percent of Ukrainians favor greater affordability of cars and 54 percent support eliminating all excise taxes on used imported cars. The results of the public polls and the definitive points laid out in CASE’s research contributed to the government canceling the new round of taxes, saving Ukrainian consumers about US$5.5 million per year.

Atlas Network supported this initiative with a Global Voices for Open Trade grant.