Islam & Liberty Network wins Atlas Network's 2020 Asia Liberty Award

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Malaysia-based Islam and Liberty Network has won the 2020 Asia Liberty Award for their faith-based Muslim Case for a Free Society project. The $7,000 prize is awarded annually and is part of Atlas Network's suite of Regional Liberty Awards. Two other finalists—Advocata Institute and their "Don't Tax My Period Project," and Centre for Public Policy Research and their work to liberalize night work for women—were each awarded $1,500. The award was announced at Asia Liberty Forum Online 2020.

“Winning this award gives our project the recognition, support, and visibility that will help us in expanding our network,” explained Ali Salman, programs and development director of Islam and Liberty Network. “Islam and liberty are often perceived as opposites. We have built an intellectual basis for a Muslim case for religious, political, and economic freedom.”

Muslim Case for Freedom is grounded in Islamic teachings that support the ideas and values of liberty. In 2017, Islam and Liberty Network began publishing materials from leading experts and holding conferences at universities throughout the Middle East that showed the overlap between Islam and classical liberalism. Over the last three years, the organization has created curricula that promote the Muslim case for liberal democracy, the Muslim case for economic liberty, and the Muslim case for religious freedom.

Islam and Liberty Network has published 51 papers and 2 books on these topics with a third book in progress. They have also produced 20 podcasts and 11 webinars, published 31 articles, and have conducted seven international conferences, with the last three held in Malaysia, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

To read more about the project, click here.

The Asia Liberty Award is generously sponsored by Templeton Religion Trust.