Jonathan Isaby wins John Blundell Elevator Pitch Award for stirring 60-second free-market pitch

Jonathan Isaby

Congratulations to the winner of this year’s Elevator Pitch, newly named the John Blundell Elevator Pitch Award, Jonathan Isaby of the UK’s TaxPayers’ Alliance. Isaby’s stirring 60-second pitch captivated the crowd and brought them to cheers and applause mid-way through as he was sharing about the four ways money gets spent, and how ultimately, people should be able to spend their own money on themselves. Isaby took home the $1,000 grand prize.

Christian Zaens of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (The Philippines), and Ximena Ramirez, of Libertad y Desarrollo (Chile) won second and third place, respectively.

The John Blundell Elevator Pitch Award competition is a highlight for attendees of Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, and serves as the final "right of passage" for the Think Tank MBA class. It was also one of the late John Blundell’s favorite components of the annual gathering.

During the competition, contestants must develop a descriptive and compelling pitch for their work, in just 60 seconds. This task stresses the importance of describing their work in a way that anyone can understand and be inspired by. The competition provides the opportunity for the attendees of Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner to get to know these individuals and their work - and hopefully become inspired to get more engaged and to identify areas of collaboration.