LIBERA Bolivia examines street fair that has lifted thousands from poverty

Sabemos Vender Bien

On March 10, 2021, our partners at LIBERA Bolivia presented an audiovisual production called Sabemos Vender Bien (We Know How to Sell Well) that presents the events of Feria 16 de Julio in El Alto, Bolivia, a huge street fair that has helped lift thousands of people out of poverty in recent decades by encouraging free market activity for independent sellers. Atlas Network President Matt Warner, a special guest that day, said:

I want to focus on "Sabemos" (we know), because knowledge is a key focus of debate in the future of foreign aid and development world. And what do we mean by “knowledge”? If we think about the activities that we see happening in the July 16 market it’s a very familiar history that we see in other places, where people are demonstrating that they already know how to succeed; they already have the knowledge within them through their experiences, through their networks, through their own lives.

Antonella Marty, Gonzalo Schwartz, and Roberto Salinas León, of Atlas Network’s Center for Latin America, also were invited to talk about this real-world example of how free markets work, even at 10,000+ feet above sea level.

With this presentation a new phase begins for LIBERA, since they want to know more, and let us know more, about this encouraging example of entrepreneurship, hard work, and human flourishing.