Free Societies

Liberty Camp 2020 brings international students of freedom to Uganda


The Ugandan organization Action for Liberty and Economic Development (ALED) recently hosted an intense four-day event that examined freedom in Africa. The event—called Liberty Camp 2020—brought together 78 participants from nine universities in East Africa to share their perspectives on freedom and prosperity while debating topics, presenting new ideas, and conversing in fireside talks.

“Liberty Camp is the start of all beginners in the liberty movement,” recounted Makerere University student Claire Nesiga, who views the camp as a possible catalyst for further development of a sustained movement in East Africa.

Most of the participants came from Uganda, but 15 participants came from Tanzania, Kenya, and South Sudan. Andy Esychen, co-founder and director of Language of Liberty Institute, was a featured speaker, and topics covered ranged from classical liberal philosophy to wealth distribution and free trade.

Liberty Camp 2020 was covered by Uganda Broadcasting Service, CBS Radio, and Nkumba Times, and the wide-ranging media coverage allowed for discussions and ideas to be shared with an even larger audience.

“Being a partner with Atlas Network is not only about understanding the good that freedom does but also building you to let freedom win,” said Mugabi John Socrates, executive director of Action for Liberty and Economic Development. Socrates is particularly excited about the international success that Liberty Camp had in reaching a diverse group of students, as it was not expected to reach students in as many countries other than Uganda.

Action for Liberty and Economic Development, which was founded in Uganda in 2017, introduces students to the ideas that make a free society thrive. By becoming liberty champions, each student becomes a force multiplier in advocating the good of free enterprise and the ideas of a free society writ large to their university campuses.

Action for Liberty and Economic Development received an Atlas Network grant in support of this project.