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Liberty Roadshow takes the message of open markets to Venezuela's interior


Centro de Divulgación del Conocimiento Económico para la Libertad (CEDICE) has been working to improve the lives of Venezuelans by supporting grassroots movements, leaders, and youth. The organization engages with Venezuelan citizens by encouraging them to read literature that discusses the power of liberalism with their Liberty Roadshow project. As awareness has spread, calls for change have become increasingly common amongst citizens, and even people that are not involved in Venezuelan policy have reached out to CEDICE to receive a copy of Center for Latin America Associate Director Antonella Marty’s book, Capitalism: An Antidote Against Poverty. The book has received plenty of media exposure, having been widely discussed on TV, radio, and online outlets. Marty wrote about her journey through Venezuela in the Spring 2020 Issue of Freedom’s Champion.

Capitalism: An Antidote Against Poverty discusses the success that capitalism brings to a society from a historical point of view. The book includes a prologue by CEDICE Libertad’s director, Rocío Guijarro, an introduction by María Corina Machado, and a conclusion by Gloria Álvarez. CEDICE hopes that Marty’s book will continue to build momentum for the liberty movement in Venezuela and turn the tide toward liberalism in what has become one of the least free nations in the world. CEDICE is planning to disseminate over 4,000 copies Capitalism: An Antidote Against Poverty to emphasize the impact that a socialist regime has had in the country.

The organization has also launched CEDICE Joven, a youth training program in the interior regions of the country. The initiative includes a variety of activities for young people, such as Frédéric Bastiat reading circles or one-week training courses with different experts like Marty. Due to the pandemic, several of the programs have had to switch to virtual learning, and the book printing has also halted. To help students feel better connected, CEDICE created a WhatsApp group chat to foster community around the Austrian School of Economics.

“The work that CEDICE Libertad does in Venezuela will not stop because the battle of ideas is won with ideas, and the ideas of freedom are the best to achieve well-being and prosperity,” said Guijarro. “We know that Atlas Network will be there to continue supporting this Liberty Roadshow to achieve it.”

CEDICE has hosted three conferences with Antonella Marty in various Venezuelan states such as Merida, Valencia, Caracas, Los Teques, and Miranda with over 500 attendees. Marty spoke with over 50 deputies and staff at the national congress headquarters. CEDICE mobilized over 1,500 students and has done over ten media interviews. The organization has met multiple times with business and entrepreneurial leaders, and with Students for Liberty and university leaders, including Mises Venezuela and Red Universidad.

CEDICE and Marty have received direct praise from mayor’s offices, university faculty, business leaders, and other prestigious organizations. Although Venezuela often experiences shortages of essential services (the power went out during one of Marty’s conferences) the high-level of enthusiasm at the events during the Liberty Roadshow was not compromised. The Liberty Roadshow has given the Venezuelan people a voice and has allowed that voice be heard. The fight for liberty is far from over in Venezuela, but CEDICE is taking steps to speed up the freedom process in the authoritarian state.

Atlas Network supported CEDICE Libertad’s Liberty Roadshow with a project grant.